About Us

video by our good friends and amazing cinematographers at Cord 3 Films

Hello. We are Ray & Kim Hennessy, a husband and wife photography team in Southern New Jersey. We both spent several years working for other photographers doing all of their digital work and second shooting on over a hundred weddings each. That is actually how we first met. In 2009 we started KGM expressions and have photographed well over 200 weddings together. We absolutely love our job, our clients, and working together. We both see things a little differently so we are always learning from each other and challenging each other. We have a lot of fun with it and we hope that it shows in our photos.
Things you may love or hate about us:

1. We dance at weddings. We’re not obnoxious about it, we won’t be right in the middle of the dance floor, and we’ll always have our cameras in hand capturing all the crazy candids. We simply don’t know how to stand still on the sidelines pretending we don’t dig the music.

2. Kim tends to be on the shy and quiet side, while Ray is a bit more of the loud jokester. We both tend to be on the sarcastic side. While we take our job very seriously, we really just like to keep the mood casual and laid back.

3. We don’t drink at weddings. Actually Ray never drinks, and Kim just refuses to drink when there are cameras present.

4. We really don’t have a “sales pitch.” We want you to want to book us, to want to buy our albums, we don’t want to talk you into it.