Documentary Wedding

KGM Expressions is now offering a documentary style photography package that starts with only 1 photographer (Ray) as an alternative to our standard 2 photographer packages. This style of coverage will concentrate more on documenting the day as it unfolds. There will be less “hands on” controlling of the day by the photographer compared to what KGM Expressions has previously offered. This style of photography is for the couple who would like their day documented with a creative eye but do not want to take as much time away from the flow of the day for more traditionally posed groups and couples portraits. View an entire Documentary Wedding

Standard Style

1. Kim and Ray as your photographers
2. 600-800 photos (with 10 hours)
3. More posed portraits of Bride & Groom
4. More variety with group photos
5. Creative flash lighting
6. Includes credit towards album
7. Includes engagement session

Documentary Style

1. Starts with one photographer with an option for a 2nd (Kim is not available for documentary)
2. 300-500 photos (with 9 hours and 1 photographer)
3. Less posing and controlling of Bride & Groom
4. Less variety with group photos
5. Natural style with less artificial lighting

The documentary photography package was created as a low cost alternative to what KGM Expressions has been offering for many years. If you don’t think the above listed photography sounds exactly like what you want for your wedding we do still offer our standard style of photography that includes Kim and Ray as your photographers and more options. You can find more info about our standard style of photography on our standard wedding day timeline. You can also find the prices for our wedding photography options on our prices page.