Hello, we are Ray & Kim Hennessy, a husband and wife photography team, that started this business in southern New Jersey in 2009. We have photographed over 300 weddings together.

What is different about us from many other husband and wife teams is that we were both experienced wedding photographers before we ever met. Each with our own set of strengths. Ray is a bit of a jokester, and he is really good at setting up group photos, and keeping the day moving along smoothly. Kim is so quiet she often melts into the background and sometimes you will even forget she is there. She prides herself on being a photo ninja, capturing moments people didn’t even realize she was there for.

While we take our job very seriously, it’s also important to us to keep the mood of the day casual and laid back. We like to dance at weddings, always with cameras in hand, to capture all the crazy candids. Rest assured neither of us will be drinking, we actually don’t drink alcohol at all. We would love to get the chance to meet you so you can make sure we are what you are looking for. We won’t really give you much of a sales pitch though, we want you to work with us because it just feels right, we don’t want to talk you into it.

Video by our friends and amazing cinematographers at Cord 3 Films