Jessica & Mike's Wedding at Bradford Estate

Here it is, the last wedding of 2017 and what a blast Jessica and Mike were! We really enjoyed spending the day with them along with their family and friends. They gave us plenty of time to get creative with photography, which we love and then danced the night away at the reception. We will let them tell you a little about their day below and congratulations to you both. A big thanks to everyone who has followed along on our blog this year, we look forward to another great year coming up with more great couples and families.

The whole morning I felt anxious.- Mike

All the guys were having a great time playing pool, video games, and just hanging out.- Mike

Having all of my favorite girls at the house and being able to relax while getting ready was the best way to spend the morning.- Jessica

I was definitely excited and just couldn’t wait to see Michael at the church.- Jessica

She was absolutely beautiful.- Mike

I can’t really remember what I was thinking. Right before the doors opened I got really nervous!- Jessica

Yes! Everyone in the wedding party is fun and easy going so pictures were a breeze!- Jessica


I was really surprised that I cried during our first dance! But it’s our favorite song and we sang the whole song to each other.- Jessica

The bridal polka dance was so much fun! Being able to dance with so many guests was awesome!- Jessica

It was so fun dancing with everyone to Shout.- Mike