Q: Can we post the pictures on social media?

A: Absolutely. We see it as both a compliment and free advertising. We even include a separate folder on your drive with images sized for the web. We do very much appreciate it though if you could put all photos taken by KGM Expressions in their own photo album with a credit to KGM Expressions.

Q: My Uncle Bob is an amature photographer and will be bringing his camera. Is that okay?

A: Guest photographers are perfectly welcome. We have even been known to take a shot of you and "Uncle Bob" with his own camera. We just ask that they respect our presence, give us elbow room, and stay out of the center aisle during the ceremony.

Q: How long until we see our pictures?

A: Your wedding proofs will be online 2-3 weeks after your wedding. Print orders heavily depend on what else we have in front of us at the time. Sometimes we'll be able to have your order to the lab the same day you place your order, but if you happen to place an order the same time as 10 other people, or around Christmas time, it may take up to 6 weeks. Normal turn around is 2-4 weeks. If you have anything you need by a certain date, give us a call and we can give you a good estimate of how long it will take. Album orders take about 6-10 weeks after you have chosen all of your photos depending on which album you choose, and how fast you get back to us with any changes you want to your layout.

Q: Will I get a drive with all of my images?

A: We will give you a flash drive of all your high resolution images, after, the purchase of any album. We do this because we really want you to have a professionally finished product from us. We understand you want to have all your images safe in your hands forever, and be able to make your own prints at your convenience. We will provide you a license release giving you permission to use the images for any personal use such as facebook, or making your own prints. The only thing you can't do, is sell the images. That means if the store you bought your dress from wants pictures from your wedding, they would have to go to us for that.

Q: Will the images on the flash drive be edited?

A: All of the photos on your flash drive and in your web gallery will be color corrected. All images ordered for prints, for albums, or posted on our blog will be fully retouched. We will also include any retouched images that you ordered for prints or albums on the flash drive. Below is an example of what the different stages of images look like.


Q: How many pictures do you take?

A: There is no limit to the amount of photos we take. We will edit them down to 500-700 photos for the full day coverage.

Q: How much time do I need to allow for pictures? (Complete Packages)

 A: After you have allowed time for travel, and a receiving line, (if you have one), then ideally we'd like to have an hour and a half to do family, wedding party, and pictures of the happy couple. Two hours is a little more comfortable as it allows a little give time if anything runs late. If you're having your ceremony and reception in the same location where the cocktail hour immediately runs into the end of the ceremony, you may want to consider doing pictures before hand. We can set up a private setting for the wedding couple to share a special moment together and capture both of your expressions from a distance. A few of our past couples were kind enough to write their experience which you can view here. If you have your heart set against that, no problem, we will make it work, but it is very important that your family and wedding party are very aware of where they need to be and when. Realistically, if you are doing an all in one location and are not going to see each other before hand, you are going to miss most if not all of your cocktail hour. In the end, it's your day, and we will work with whatever amount of time you give us, these are only our suggestions.

Q: How much time do I need to allow for pictures? (Simple Packages)

A: As little or as much time as you would like to set aside for photography.

Q: Why should I book you over anyone else?

A: You should book us because you like our work, you are comfortable with us, and we are within your budget. If these things are not true for you, you should not book us. We are not interested in making you stretch your photography budget because WE THINK we're worth it. We're not interested in telling you what you need and what should be important to you. It's YOUR WEDDING. We're interested in satisfying YOUR NEEDS. We encourage you to shop around, and we wish you the best of luck with whomever you choose, and we mean that sincerely.

Q: Since I have read this and you have answered all my questions, do I still have to meet you?

A: Your wedding photographer will be one of the few vendors you spend your entire day with. We're sure you don't want really annoying and/or obnoxious people following you around all day long. Of course we think we're great, but you should really feel comfortable with the photographer that you choose, which is why we recommend meeting with at least Ray.